Proudly serving all Veterans with unique designs that suite their private needs and reflect their personal achievements and sacrifices.

I am the proud wife of a dual service veteran. I have 20+ years experience in stained glass. I take great pride in helping Veterans and family members commemorate the milestones in their lives. What sets my work apart? Craftsmanship, detail, and quality of materials. I do not cut corners. I do not paint on glass, and I do not apply vinyl stickers to glass...what you see is all tiffany constructed stained glass. Every piece of glass is handcut, wrapped in copper, soldered, patinaed, waxed and sealed. Its tedious and most all designs take 20+ hours to complete. All the designs you see are blueprinted by hand and not a commercial pattern. There are many on Etsy who have copied me, but none are me! There is a difference in quality, I assure you! Go with the original and you will not be disappointed! I love what I do, and would be honored to create something customized for YOU! Special emblems, sentimental occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, graduations, retirements, housewarming, weddings, and memorial panels to remember those you love - all are perfect occasions for a custom stained glass panel. Lets start a dialog today! Best!! Dawn